Press Releases

Note: Below is last year’s media room – our new releases will be uploaded closer to the new event date.

We can provide you with high res images of any product you’d like on white background, and can also offer up soundbites from any of our clients who we’re positioning as thought leaders including Andy of Alitura Naturals,  Erin of Erin Tracy Bridal and Fine Jewellery, Ashley or Phil of basd body care,  Keri of MuseMovement Pilates,  Joy  of Joyous Health, and Julie of Province Apothecary.

Please also note that we showcased the beautiful and sustainable line towels and throws from Stray & Wander, featured pieces from VdeV Maison and brought in our sustainable and fashion forward athletic line, Yoga Culture should you be pulling for any related stories revolving these types of brands.   We got you covered!

Seasonal multi-client trend reports and press releases

Individual client launch releasescheck back for more updates

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